Morning Green Juice

I try to start the morning with a green juice and a cup of hot water with lemon. I have been drinking the water for over 5 years now and can honestly say that I do enjoy it. I find it very refreshing and I feel a bit sluggish if I don’t have it. I started the green juicing in August of 2014. At first I did it nearly every day for the first two months but then it crept down to maybe 4 or 5 days and I have tried to keep it at least 4 days since the beginning of the year.

I started doing it because I don’t eat many fruit and vegetable (which I know is really bad) and I read an article about a lady who had started juicing and she found that she was benefiting in so many ways. She was less tired, she could concentrate more, her skin was clearer, she lost weight – on and on the list went. So I thought, I’ll have some of that. Now, I don’t buy the juices. I make them myself with fresh fruit and veg from the supermarket and I found an old juicer in the cupboard which I had bought for my husbands birthday several years ago (wasn’t he a lucky boy that year!).

I usually put in the same each day which is 1 carrot, 1 kiwi fruit, 1 apple, a handful of spinach, 2 sticks of celery, a chunk of courgette  and a chunk of cucumber. I will be honest with you – the taste is not good. I drink it in one go because I don’t think I could bear it any other way although I have gotten more used to it over the months. But it’s not what I would consider a pleasure of mine in the mornings.

So, you are probably interested in the benefits I have seen. NOT A THING. I kid you not! My skin is exactly the same, not clearer or younger or fresher in any way. I am still utterly exhausted by 9pm every night in life. My concentration and memory are probably getting worse (although that will have a lot to do with age) but the juices aren’t making it any better. My weight is exactly the same as when I started last year.

So I keep on doing it in the hope that something will happen and it can’t be bad for me, right? Psychologically I feel that I am putting some goodness into my body so I suppose that is a positive thing in itself but I cannot tell you a lie and say that I have noticed wonderful positive changes in my body.

Anyway, I shall persevere and let you know if I notice any changes. Let me know about your own juicing experiences to keep me motivated!


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